Spring Equinox, Aries Season + New Moon, Pluto in Aquarius
With a Double Conjunction, the Virgo Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces, Astro phenoms reign for the remaining Pisces SZN

February 2023

Pisces and the Symbolic Storytelling of Youth
Pisces SZN + New Moon encourages the Creative Child within
Downloads for February's Aqua SZN & the Leo Full Moon

January 2023

January 2023 Museletter speaks on slowing your roll and reviewing with Mercury Retrograde. Notes on the Cancer Full Moon, Aquarius New Moon and all the…

December 2022

The December Holi-daze Gaze, illuminated by a Gemini Full Moon and Mars Retrograde, explored in The Femme Moon Monthly Museletter.

November 2022

2022’s Last Lunar Eclipse Reflects the 1.5 Year Cycle of the Taurus/Scorpio Nodes

October 2022

Eclipse season is here, unearthing stability and shaking up foundations for some, deepening wholeness and self-compassion for others.
Scorpio Season starts October 23-24… which means Halloween is around the corner!
The Aries Full Moon brings passion and/or volatility to the forefront, depending on which way your scale tips.

September 2022

The Libra New Moon ushers liberation from the lies we tell ourselves. Libra is Queen Supreme with narratives and has a flair for the dramatic, either in…